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Alvaro Sobrinho’s NGO to Award 10 PhD Grants in Association with the African Academy of Science

The Planet Earth Institute (PEI) has announced that it will join forces with the African Academy of Science to deliver 10 PhD grants over the course of the years.

The African focused NGO, which is Chaired by leading businessman and philanthropist Alvaro Sobrinho, will be offering grants for research that focuses on water resources, energy, industrial agriculture and basic science. The choice of topics has been decided by the NGO and the African Academy of Science based on the predicted challenges that Africa will face in the coming years.

Along with fitting into one of the aforementioned topic areas, each of the PhD programmes funded by the grants will be focused on industry relevant issues. The programmes will be organised with close links to industry throughout.

Alvaro Sobrinho shared his enthusiasm for working with the African Academy of Science, which he said represents an “important partnership” for the PEI. He went on to express pride in the PhD programme the partners will deliver, explaining that it would support “African students in pursuing research that addresses key developmental priorities”.

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, PEI trustee and President of Mauritius described the PhD programme as “vital”, say that it would, “[support] African PhD students undertaking research in areas that are essential to sustainable development on the continent.”

The partnership between the Planet Earth Institute and the African Academy of Science was formalised on the 2nd April. The process to find appropriate and relevant research programmes to fund will now begin.