Daily Archives:May 4th, 2017

Spotlight Seminars Focus on Health Care in Africa

On the 4th July the Planet Earth Institute will host the second of its Spotlight Seminars Series. Having focused on innovative technology for agriculture during the first seminar, the second will look at the crisis and opportunities presented by health care in Africa.

With Africa “accounting for 24% of the global disease burden, the challenges the continent faces are many and complex”, explains the Planet Earth Institute. To overcome these challenges, the Institute believes more science and technology are needed. Only through innovation and research can Africa find solutions to its mounting health care problems. While there are many challenges, the Institute argues “there are also a great many opportunities and science and technology must be at the heart of addressing and capitalising on both”.

Significant progress has already been made, however, Africa still accounts for 90% of deaths from Malaria, 70% of the global population who are living with HIV and has been the site of several deadly outbreaks in recent years, including the infamous Ebola crisis. These problems are compounded by raising rates of non-infectious diseases, including cancer and diabetes. By 2030, it is believed Africa will have higher rates of illness and mortality caused by these kinds of diseases than by infectious ones.

Addressing and capitalising on this situation will require intelligence, creativity and determination. The Spotlight Seminar will bring together some of the leading academics, policy makers and business people who are at the forefront of providing solutions. The seminar will include high-level presentations, panel discussions and Q&A sessions.

The event will take place on 4th July, 2017 in the library of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London. Starting at 10am with tea and coffee, followed by an introduction from Lord Paul Boateng, the Chairman of the Planet Earth Institute since Dr Álvaro Sobrinho stepped down earlier this year.