PEI exChange Launched by Alvaro Sobrinho NGO

NGO founded by philanthropist, banker and investor, Alvaro Sobrinho, has launched an online platform that will improve the way people “do good and do business in Africa” by connecting likeminded individuals who have big ideas and relevant skills.

The platform, provided by the Planet Earth Institute, will use an algorithm to match people from the same area, industry, interest and expertise in order for them to communicate, share ideas and problem solve together. The Institute hopes this will facilitate the innovation and technological breakthroughs Africa needs in order to thrive in the 21st century.

The latest in a long line of initiatives aimed at promoting the scientific advancement of Africa offered by the Planet Earth Institute, the PEI exChange will help make “big ideas for Africa a reality”. Alongside connecting individuals and facilitating the development of ideas, the PEI exChange will help good ideas find the necessary funding, an essential component of the process.

Alvaro Sobrinho’s work with the Planet Earth Institute has centred around education, which he views as a means to equip Africans with the skills they will need to become leaders in science and technology and thereby ensure a bright future for their continent. Sobrinho has advocated for, and in some cases financially supported, the introduction of new technology to Africa, in particular wireless internet and renewable energy. Alvaro Sobrinho has also made a compelling case for the reinvention of African agriculture, a renewal of the public transport system and a redesign of education funding.

The launch of the PEI exChange by the Planet Earth Institute can be viewed as an attempt to give more Africans the chance to shape their continent in the way Alvaro Sobrinho has been doing. By utilising bright ideas coming from Africans, for Africa, the continent will be able to reveal its full capacities in the 21st century.

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